Plasma-Man vs. the Sinister Dr. Robot, Electronic Villain Extraordinaire

In his debut episode, Plasma-Man must stop the mechanical mastermind Dr. Robot as he attempts to rob Meridian City Bank.


Plasma-Man and the Prestidigitator in: Vanishing Act

Plasma-Man, with help from The Raccoon and Mr. Invisible, squares off against the Prestidigitator to resue mayoral candidate Martin Blake from the insidious illusionist's clutches.


Rise of the Amoeba

The Amoeba, Meridian City's most peccant protozoan, attempts to get his revenge on the amazing Plasma-Man, putting the city in peril.


The Dastardly Subaquatic Crimes of Nikolai Vankof

Plasma-Man must enlist the help of Professor Lazarus to stop the sinister Nikolai Vankof from using stolen torpedoes to obliterate a dam outside of Meridian City.