Comic 75 - Flood

Monday, the 30th of May at 8:21 PM, 2011
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John C. Goodman Monday, the 30th of May at 9:18 PM, 2011 edit delete
John C. Goodman
Things certainly are looking dire for our hero! Is this the end of the Amazing Plasma-Man? Tune in on Thursday to find out; same Plasma-time, same Plasma-channel.
Kiybgecz Monday, the 30th of May at 9:24 PM, 2011 edit delete
Boba Fett is fucking awesome
Kyle Monday, the 30th of May at 10:13 PM, 2011 edit delete
Plasman should use those missuls on the wall to blowup Venkroft.
Danielle Kogan Tuesday, the 31st of May at 6:07 AM, 2011 edit delete
Danielle Kogan
I'm pretty sure this is the end of the comic. For realzies.
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