Comic 28 - Prestidigitation

Monday, the 13th of December at 1:30 PM, 2010
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Author Notes:

Tezcatlipoca Monday, the 13th of December at 6:35 PM, 2010 edit delete
The Incredible and Awe-Inspiring Serial Adventures of the Amazing Plasma-Man can now be viewed at

Comments: Monday, the 13th of December at 4:58 PM, 2010 edit delete
This reminds me of Batman and the Joker. Why did he take off his hat?
WatchIT Tuesday, the 14th of December at 1:48 AM, 2010 edit delete
A Magician never reveals his tricks!
DerrickMichael5 Tuesday, the 28th of December at 6:38 AM, 2010 edit delete
Robottwins right, it reminded me of the Joker too. Except this made me smile. What an awesome line to say before vanishing
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