Comic 10 - Negotiations

Monday, the 9th of August at 12:00 AM, 2010
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Butt Hunter Monday, the 9th of August at 9:02 AM, 2010 edit delete
Butt Hunter
I love the extreme super close up. I could almost hear the "dun dun duuunnnnn!"
Yes, He Is The Best Monday, the 9th of August at 5:03 PM, 2010 edit delete
Crustateo is the best.
GreatGoogalyMoogaly Sunday, the 19th of December at 3:03 AM, 2010 edit delete
Wait. So his tactic is to threaten to stop kidnapping him? So it's more like he wants to be bribed for kidnapping him....
Fragmented Sunday, the 13th of February at 12:13 PM, 2011 edit delete
This is disturbingly similar to the plot of Dark Knight at the beginning.....
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